How We Do It

Here's a quickie version of what we do!








We have a process which we know works because it’s clear, purposeful, and effective. We will work with you utilizing the following tools:

i.1: Issues |  First. we IDENTIFY the ISSUES – it’s where are you today. This is a scan of who you are, now; what your situation is, now; what your issues or problems are, now.

i.2: Implications |  Next, we look at the IMPLICATIONS of these issues. Which is the most important? What has happened to you because of these issues? How are these problems affecting you? What are the effects of those issues affecting your company? How does this vary from where you want to be?

1.3: Insights |  Finally, we examine our INSIGHTS in order to create INTERVENTIONS or actions. What are the answers and how will these solutions solve those problems we identified?

Once we know all this, we are ready to help you create, or improve upon, your IDENTITY. Whether it’s internal or external communications (more likely: both!), digital or traditional, i.3.content with its highly experienced and talented communicators, will build tailored content for your chosen communication channels.

Here’s the possible shape of our content for you:

  • Communications strategy and execution
  • Storytelling (research and development)
  • Digital content (web, blog, newsletter, social media, company and individual profiles)
  • Internal communications and campaigns
  • Association newsletters
  • Trade journal articles
  • Speeches
  • Sales, value and customer service communications
  • Audio content such as podcasting
  • Training and curriculum design
  • Internal and external polling and data collection